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Brand Push | 10 months ago

Brand Push: Strategically boosting blockchain and crypto companies through news publication.

According to research, the rapid rise and popularity of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have opened the way for numerous blockchain and crypto startups seeking to make their mark in the industry. In this dynamic landscape, a well-crafted press release may be vital for increasing brand recognition and reaching out to potential investors, partners, and customers. That's where Brand Push comes in - a reputable news publication service provider with a long history of assisting brands and businesses in gaining attention and success.

Brand Push prides itself on its team of highly experienced writers skilled in crafting compelling news stories that pique the interest of any business or brand. These meticulously crafted stories are strategically published across over 200 news sites, providing unparalleled exposure and driving potential sales. With a rapid turnaround time, clients can witness their stories published within seven days.

Promoting Blockchain and Crypto Companies through Brand Push is simple yet highly effective. Here's how it works:

- Writing: The skilled team at Brand Push collaborates with each client to understand their unique value proposition and goals. Using this information, they create tailor-made press releases highlighting the company's strengths, achievements, and upcoming developments.

- Publishing: After meticulous editing and refinement, the press release is distributed through Brand Push's extensive network of over 200 high-traffic news sites. This network includes prominent outlets, ensuring the news reaches the right audience and maximizes exposure.

- Measurable Results: Brand Push provides a comprehensive report with live links to the published press release. This transparent approach allows clients to monitor the performance of their press releases and track the increase in brand exposure and website traffic.

"We take pride in our talented team of writers who consistently deliver award-winning press releases," stated a representative from Brand Push. "Our distribution service is designed to offer our clients maximum value, driving high website traffic and boosting their overall visibility. Your brand deserves to be recognized, and we are here to make that happen!"

Brand Push provides a variety of affordable packages, with the Plus Package being especially suggested for businesses and eCommerce sites. All their packages include a money-back guarantee with publishing on over 200 news sites, ensuring client satisfaction.

Customer Testimonials:

"Working with Brand Push was a game-changer for our crypto startup. Their expertise in the industry was evident from the start, and they delivered their promise to boost our brand visibility. The press release they crafted garnered attention from key players in the crypto community, resulting in valuable partnerships and increased credibility for our project. We were impressed with the professionalism, speed, and effectiveness of Brand Push's service, and we'll be using them for future promotions. Thank you, Brand Push!" 

"As a blockchain startup, we knew the importance of getting our message out there, but we struggled to reach the right audience. That's when we decided to work with Brand Push, and it was a game-changer. Their team crafted a compelling press release that effectively communicated the uniqueness of our blockchain solution. The wide distribution across reputable news sites exposed us to a targeted audience, increasing our project's traction and interest. Brand Push truly understands the blockchain space and how to make an impact. We are thrilled with the results and highly recommend their services."


Blockchain and crypto startups can significantly benefit from elevating brand awareness. A well-crafted press release distributed through Brand Push can be a game-changer, attracting investors, partners, and customers. With a quick turnaround time and a focus on results, Brand Push is the go-to partner for blockchain and crypto companies looking to soar to new heights in the industry.

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About Brand Push:

Established in 2014, Brand Push has emerged as a leading worldwide and top-rated news publication service company. With a reputation for excellence, the company provides press releases and distribution services for brands and businesses across diverse industries. The team at Brand Push consists of experienced and talented writers who consistently deliver high-quality content, helping clients increase brand visibility and authority. 

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