Crypto Market Maker Autowhale Expands to Offer Cross-Exchange Market Making Strategies

Autowhale GmbH | 10 months ago

Autowhale strengthens its position in the crypto market making space offering cross-exchange market making strategies to token projects, leveraging its vast network of 90+ integrated exchanges.

Autowhale, a pioneering force in the crypto market making sector, proudly announces its latest innovation: cross-exchange market making strategies. This breakthrough feature promises to enhance liquidity provisioning by facilitating simultaneous trading activities across multiple exchanges.

The crypto market has seen significant evolution in recent years. With more exchanges establishing themselves as strong partners and token projects securing listings on multiple venues, the need for a solid crypto market maker is becoming more paramount.

The continued innovation of Autowhale manifests itself in the company's latest move to offer cross-exchange trading strategies to support the emerging demand of token projects looking to hedge, arbitrage and trade across different exchanges - centralized and decentralized - , ensuring optimal liquidity, spreads and efficiency.

"With 90+ exchanges now integrated into our trading engine, the ability to simultaneously offer market making across multiple venues is a game-changer for our clients," said Thomas Pratter, CEO of crypto market maker Autowhale

Autowhale’s new offering is set to benefit a broad spectrum of market participants:

  1. Token Projects: Projects no longer need to prioritize one exchange over another or work with different crypto market makers to fulfill all exchange’s requirements. With Autowhale's integrated approach, they can ensure liquidity is evenly distributed across various platforms while still being in control of what venues to put the main focus on.
  2. Funds and Exchanges: For Autowhale’s institutional clients using their trading automation system, cross-exchange trading strategies open up a new range of possibilities for creating algorithmic trading bots that work on multiple venues and pairs in parallel.

Cross-Exchange Market Making as a problem solver for token projects

Autowhale positions itself as the one-stop shop for token projects listed on multiple exchanges. The hurdles of coordinating market making efforts with multiple market makers can be challenging as exchanges differ substantially in terms of requirements.

Enabling token projects to concentrate their market making efforts with a single crypto market maker, Autowhale solves the issue many startups face.

It's essential to note that while Autowhale is committed to providing advanced crypto market making tools and services to its clients, it does not guarantee profitability or specific performance metrics. Their focus remains on offering sophisticated, state-of-the-art software solutions that drive efficiency and enhance liquidity in the crypto ecosystem.

This press release is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as financial advice or an endorsement of any particular product, service, or trading strategy.

About Us: Autowhale enables funds, trading desks and token projects with their proprietary trading infrastructure to launch any form of trading and investment strategy at scale embedded in a securely cloud-hosted all-in-one trading system. Autowhale has carved a niche in the crypto market-making sector, delivering cutting-edge solutions for traders, token projects, and exchanges alike. Autowhale is committed to continue its journey of building the backbone of crypto trading infrastructure and bring the crypto industry forward.

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