Green Dollar Introduces Decentralized Stablecoin Backed by In-Ground Assets, Focusing on Environmental Preservation and Sustainable Wealth Creation

Green Dollar Coin Lts (UK) | 6 months ago

Green Dollar introduces a decentralized stablecoin backed by $5 trillion in untapped assets, revolutionizing wealth creation while preserving nature through carbon-negative measures in gold and diamond mining. Launching January 2024.

Green dollar is unlocking the buried treasure of over $5 trillions lying in the informal sector through the introduction of a decentralised Green Dollar stablecoin.This is going to be the largest carbon-negative in ground asset backed community digital currency in the world . Green dollar puts the revitalisation of nature at the centre of all new wealth creation.Each year 3000 tonnes of gold and 28000 tonnes (130 million carats) of diamonds are mined hence causing land degradation and deforestation.Digital mining to strengthen the value of Green Dollar Coin and preserve quantified proven gold and diamond reserves in secured insured mines is a breakthrough.

Green Dollar is unleashing trillions of dollars of unimaginable wealth and abundance by tokenising, monetising and keeping assets in the ground as well as protecting the earth All the mines under Green Dollar’s reserves will be locked for several years. The air drop and Green Dollar distribution will start January 2024.’We are establishing a non volatile and stable cryptocurrency which will maintain the rate of 1:1 with the US Dollar’,says Mr Noel Mavura the brain behind the surfacing of Green Dollar Coin.He went to prostulate that ,’this is a digital dollar to be used for day to day transactions by everyone including the 2 billion people in the informal sector.Green dollar has created a Coin pool as a perpetual fund with the value of $100M in $GDC.The Green App enables users to access some lines of credit especially the informal sector and it can be used for day to day transactions’.

Green dollar has trade marks registered across various jurisdictions around the world.Global investors Hub UK, the parent company of Green Dollar aims to explore positive synergies with the central bank digital currencies in the world.Most people are curiously waiting for the introduction and coin distribution of Green Dollar early next year. Green dollar is decarbonising the gold and diamond mining sector by creating virtual assets mining in monetising the preservation of gold and diamond in the ground. As a result, the emissions and the environmental damage associated with mining are avoided. The value of the in ground assets which will back the Green Dollar Coin will be put in Private Placement Programs to upheld
the virtual mining concept as opposed to the drastic physical mining.

The Green Dollar Private Token Sale will be announced in January 2024 and each Green Dollar will be audited before the sales begins.Together, we will create a lasting legacy to end extreme poverty worldwide and enhance the revenue tax base for various government stakeholders by the creation of a Green Dollar decentralisation blockchain , while protecting the Earth.The hype is very high among crypto enthusiasts who are waiting for the launch of Green Dollar Coin ,the digital currency with the features of physical currency.

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