Paytada Unveils Specific 2024 Roadmap, Introduces PTD Token

Paytada | 3 months ago

Paytada reveals a specific development roadmap for 2024 and integrates the PTD token into its ecosystem. Paytada is a cryptocurrency trading platform that provides the best services for the crypto community, with transparency, safety, and convenience at the forefront.

Today, Paytada has unveiled a comprehensive development roadmap for 2024, marking a significant step in seamlessly integrating the PTD token into its ecosystem. Paytada's roadmap this year emphasizes the expansion and enhancement of current services, as well as introducing a series of innovative features designed to optimize user experience and enhance value for PTD token holders.

Q1-2024: Kickstart the Adventure

In this quarter, Paytada's journey begins with the launch of the "Game Zone," a digital entertainment space with a ranking system, providing users with the opportunity to showcase their skills and earn rewards. Other notable highlights include the "Bitcoin Halving" event, along with programs such as "Learn and Earn," "Lucky Spin," and thrilling "Quests" to unlock rewards. Additionally, the integration of "Staking" and "Launchpad" will open up exciting investment opportunities and rewards for the community.

Q2-2024: Expanding Horizons

Entering Q2 2024, Paytada will introduce "Launchpool" and "Spot Trading," alongside exploring the potential of the futures market and "Copytrade." The launch of a mobile app for both Android and iOS ensures users can access Paytada anytime, anywhere. Most importantly, the integration of PTD Token in P2P trading marks a significant step, opening the door for direct transactions between users without intermediaries.

Q3-2024: Embracing Innovation

The third quarter will witness the birth of "Ideahub," a space for the community to share and develop ideas, and "Voting" allows PTD token holders to decide which projects will receive support. "Margin" and "Trading Bots" are designed to enhance trading efficiency, while "NFT Creator" and "Marketplace" unveil a new world of digital assets for Paytada users.

Q4-2024: Towards a Bright Future

The final quarter holds the promise of launching "Lending" services, the PTD Web3 wallet, and NFT games, marking the completion of the Paytada ecosystem. This integration adds value and convenience for PTD holders, as well as opening new doors for applying blockchain technology to daily life.

Introduction to PTD Token in the Paytada Ecosystem

As the heart of the Paytada ecosystem, PTD is a BEP-20 token running on the Binance Smart Chain, optimized for scalability and seamless integration across various blockchain platforms. PTD serves as the primary means of transaction within Paytada's suite of services, including Spot, Margin, Future, P2P, and gaming platforms. PTD holders enjoy exclusive benefits, including participation in Airdrop programs within Earn products like Launchpad, Launchpool, and Voting.

The goal of PTD Token extends beyond facilitating trading and investment on Paytada. PTD is actively used in various services, and token holders can engage in staking to earn rewards passively, contributing to network stability and security. PTD holders actively participate in shaping the future direction of Paytada by proposing and voting on system updates and enhancements.

With a total supply of 10 billion tokens, the allocation ensures fairness and transparency:

  • Community: 51%
  • Early Backer: 17%
  • Backer: 17%
  • Team: 15%

About Paytada

Paytada is a cryptocurrency trading platform committed to providing the best services for the crypto community with transparency, safety, and convenience at the forefront. With the launch of the PTD token and an ambitious development roadmap for 2024, Paytada not only solidifies its position in the cryptocurrency world but also opens new doors for the future of decentralized finance.

Paytada exchange shares its profits with investors holding PTD tokens.

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